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– and then what happened?

What happens to our alumni after they have finished their entrepreneurship studies? They are hired by well-established companies, or start their own ventures.

“When I applied for a position at PwC they showed great interest in my Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship. And I must say that it has been very helpful in my meetings with our clients to actually have experienced an entrepreneurial process.”
Veronika Elver, former student and Senior Risk Management Consultant at PwC Australia

As an entrepreneurship graduate, you are considered an attractive potential employee. Many of our alumni work at big companies such as Google, Maersk Line, Unilever, Philips, McKinsey, Microsoft and PwC, or interesting growth companies such as QlikTech and Axis Communications.

And of course, many of them start their own businesses, during or after their entrepreneurship studies. A selection of these ventures is presented below.

Entrepreneurship studies led alumnus to success

Together with two fellow students Troy A. Jensen founded the business Shojen Media during the Master's programme in Entrepreneurship.

In 2012, the company was listed by the San Diego Business Journal as one of the largest web development and design companies in the region.