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Workshop and seminar on The Global Value Chains knowledge platform

Publicerad: 2018-06-19

For invited guests the new Vinnova funded knowledge platform on Global Value Chains was presented on May 8th, at a workshop and seminar coordinated by CIRCLE.

“What is the impact of “global firms” and their international activities on the Swedish innovative eco-system?”, Claudio Fassio, Researcher at Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship.

The participants were presenting and discussing the main research areas that will be investigated by the project team and related work of researchers from various faculties at Lund University. Lennart Stenberg and Rolf Nilsson from Vinnova were leading feedback, discussion and presenting “hot topics”.

Topics on the agenda:

  • Claudio Fassio and Lina Ahlin: Trends and Dynamics in the Swedish business sector
  • Jasna Pocek and Torben Schubert: The integration of innovative firms in Sweden into global corporate structures, global knowledge networks and global value chains
  • Martin Andersson and Trudy-Ann Stone: Multinational companies as breeding grounds for new entrepreneurs and new international start ups
  • Johan Klaesson and Lars Pettersson: MNEs in Sweden and their Importance for Functional Urban Regions
  • Åsa Lindholm Dahlstrand and Jing Xiao: The acquisition of small technological companies by foreign and Swedish MNEs
  • Eugenia Perez Vico: The Research Policy knowledge platform
  • Fredrik Sjöholm: Off-shoring and employment dynamics in Sweden
  • Lea Funfschilling: The Sustainability and Transition knowledge platform
  • Lennart Stenberg and Rolf Nilsson: Latest “hot topics” at Vinnova