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Save the date: Trendspotting @ Lund University


Human Machine Interface - the digital human.

The Trendspotting @ Lund University series continues! 

Save the date for this event, where we will learn more about HMI: Human Machine Interface. 


This seminar is part of the Trendspotting@Lund University series.

Trendspotting@Lund University is a series of seminars, panel discussions and workshops with the aim to showcase current and future trends which impact science, technology, society, art and the economy. VentureLab and Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship at Lund University are the hosting organisations. 

We explore each topic with a multidisciplinary lens, and we welcome students from all faculties to attend.

27 februari 2019


Magle Stora kyrkogata 4
223 50 Lund