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Classics in Entrepreneurship Research


History matters in entrepreneurship research 

There are many arguments to support this statement. For example, we have a lot of knowledge about entrepreneurship, but early contributions tend to be forgotten rather quickly or condensed into practically mandatory citations in contemporary studies. However, a thorough understanding of past contributions can help researchers to create a necessary knowledge accumulation within the field. Another argument is that entrepreneurship has a tradition of being a multidisciplinary research field and we borrow a lot of concepts and theories from other fields. However, imported theories have often been developed to understand fundamentally different phenomena, and are products of the time and place in which they emerge. Each theory has its own history and assumptions on which it is based, and a discrepancy between the basic assumptions of theories and phenomena may result in a misinterpretation of the phenomenon in question. We could also argue that scholars in the field find it rewarding in itself to understand how the field has emerged and is shaped into its current form.  

PhD course in Classics in Entrepreneurship Research 

This course is concerned with the intellectual roots of entrepreneurship research. Knowledge about the history of the field is significant to young entrepreneurship scholars. A thorough understanding of past contributions within the field makes it substantially easier to understand the current debates in entrepreneurship and will help build knowledge within the field.

Course structure

The course includes eight seminars during the spring semester of 2017 where we will discuss some classical works within entrepreneurship. In addition to some compulsory reading, for example, works by Joseph Schumpeter, David McClelland and Howard Aldrich, the participants can select other course works according to their interest. At the end of the course, each participant will present a paper in which they will discuss classical works in relation to their own research project. 

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The application deadline is 15 January 2017. Applications are to be submitted to Hans Landström.


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