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Tobias Schölin


I defended my thesis in 2008 at the Department of nursing science and International Migration and Ethnic Migration, Malmö University, Sweden. The thesis was a qualitative study of diversity management within the context of elderly care in the city of Malmö. I analyzed diversity management from two perspectives. Firstly, as a management idea and practice where I interviewed top managers in the elderly care sector in order to understand how they work with and (re)construct diversity management as a organizational ideal. Secondly, I analyzed the construction of ethnicity among teams and staff at three departments in a nursing home. The main result is that loosely coupled organizational ideals and practice where managers ascribe ethnicity and diversity a great importance and value (often articulated in economic terms), a practice that is close to the management tradition of diversity management. The staff, on the other hand, rather ascribed ethnicity and differences a tenuous significance, but still to great value, which was articulated in terms of learning and creativity.


Since then my interest in diversity related issues has continued, but has also turned towards immigrant entrepreneurship. Within the field of immigrant entrepreneurship my main interest is threefold. Firstly, I am interested in the transformation of the welfare state and related policy development with focus on immigrant entrepreneurship. Secondly, I have an interest in the relation between immigrant entrepreneurship, the transformation of the welfare state, deregulations (privatizations) of former public sectors (i.e. Social and health care in Sweden) as and the creation of a (new) opportunity structure. Thirdly, I have an interest in understanding support efforts towards immigrant entrepreneurship and the construction of immigrant entrepreneurs as a entrepreneurial category with perecievd special needs.


I am an experienced lecturer and I have developed and given courses in different disciplines. My main focus in teaching is to combine theory and practice in all parts of the learning process. At Malmö university I was responsible and a coordinator for the master program in International Migration and Ethnic Relations and I was also responsible for the development of courses in (not just about) social entrepreneurship. In 2011 I was assigned the pedagogical award at Malmö University. At entrepreneurship in Lund I give courses at bachelor and masters level.


Research interests

  • Immigrant entrepreneurship
  • Qualitative research
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Immigrant entrepreneurship policys
  • Welfare state
  • Diversity (management)


Courses taught

  • Entrepreneurial project (ENTN08)



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Tobias Schölin

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