Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Entrepreneurship hub creates growth and opportunities

Sweden is one of the most innovative countries in the world, but we are not as good at converting innovations into organisations that create growth and solve problems in society. More entrepreneurs are needed who can develop the innovations, identify business opportunities, and create value. Entrepreneurs that can realise the potential of Swedish innovation.

The Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship at Lund Univer- sity focuses on entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. The centre offers a varaity of courses in entrepreneurship at different faculties and an action-oriented international Master’s programme with two specialisations. The centre also encompasses VentureLab, which inspires students to try out their ideas. Research is conducted in two main areas: entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurial processes.
The centre wants to make a difference in the region. More entrepreneurs are needed who can take care of innovations and create growth. There is also a need for greater knowledge about entrepreneurship in order for the region to create the right conditions for development. Finally, there is a need for entrepreneurs with an international outlook who can challenge the regional perspective.

More research

In order to generate more knowledge of entrepreneurial processes and growth, we need more doctoral students and researchers. Among others, projects on the entrepreneurship linked to the development of Medicon Village, Max IV and ESS are needed. We want to generate knowledge of how entrepreneurship develops around these environments, for example how access to capital changes, how access to networks contributes to entrepreneurship, how entrepreneurial teams develop and how this affects enterprise, etc.

International seminars

We want to create an international network that benefits both researchers and entrepreneurs. A first step is to arrange a series of seminars with a mix of highly qualified international researchers and successful entrepreneurs. The seminar series will be open to all and become a meeting point in the region for international expertise and inspiration.

Digital knowledge platform

In order to better interact with students in their digital life worlds, we have created a digital knowledge platform that we use on our courses. The next step is to further develop the platform in order to pass on the latest knowledge to entrepreneurs and organisations outside the University as well. The goal is to create interaction between entrepreneurs, capital, and knowledge. That way more entrepreneurs will gather relevant knowledge and capital faster and easier. To do this requires technical development as well as content.

Funding needs

Estimated budget for the various areas of development are:
  • More research: SEK 750 000 (doctoral student) – SEK 5 million (research programme)
  • International seminars: SEK 100 000 / year
  • Digital knowledge platform: SEK 1 million
  • VentureLab: SEK 500 000
All donations are welcome, whether large or small. Together we can work for a better world.
Please contact us for a discussion on how you could contribute.


Marie Löwegren, 046-222 73 26


Eric Hamilton, 046–222 03 41


If you have decided to support the Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship, the Entrepreneurship in Lund foundation receives gifts for this purpose.

The foundation’s Bankgiro number is 831-0302. Please include your name and contact details and which project you would like to support