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Internship programme

Boost your company and develop your organisation by participating in our internship programme.

A key component of the Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation specialisation is the internship during which the student will work as a member of the host organisation and focus on a project related to business development and innovation. The internship provides students with critical work experience, and aims to promote student innovations and organisation development.

As a host organisation, you will benefit by participating in the internship programme through: 

  • influx of new knowledge
  • fresh suggestions and solutions to business problems
  • access to highly motivated and talented potential employees.
The internships are to take place in January–May. Read more about the internship programme, or contact Lottie Olsson Norrsén if you are interested in exploring possibilities.

Internship programme

Additional information on the internship programme can be found in our internship brochure.

Internship programme - Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship

How to become an Internship Host Organisation

If your organisation is interested in becoming an internship host organisation, please contact Lottie Norrsén Olsson:

Lottie Olsson Norrsén
Director of External Relations
+ 46 (0)46-222 68 21
+ 46 (0)70-424 83 21