Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Nordic Entrepreneurship Hubs - breakout session

how do we “do” gender and incorporate it in our everyday activities to support student entrepreneurs?

In this workshop we will critically discuss how to support student entrepreneurs from a gender perspective. The workshop is based on the perspective that gender is something we “do” which is embedded in everyday interactions; it is not a sex or a variable but something we do and create through our actions. 


When we consciously and unconsciously “do” gender, we create structures and hierarchies, in which what is considered masculine is always placed in a position of privilege. When supporting student entrepreneurs we might tend to stress upfront activities like presentations and pitching. By not considering how we “do” gender we might train some women to adapt to the dominant discourse, but at the risk of losing many others. Obviously, this does not contribute to creating equal opportunities.   


The starting point for this workshop is: how do we “do” gender in our everyday activities to support student entrepreneurs? Based on a joint discussion with the participants, we hope to reflect and share knowledge and experiences on how we do gender, consciously or unconsciously.