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Dragons at the University

Dragons at the University is a competition where students from the Master's programme in Entrepreneurship, VentureLab’s incubator and other students from Lund University gets the chance to pitch their business ideas for venture capitalists – the "Dragons”.

The project started at Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship in 2010 as a part of the Master's programme in Entrepreneurship, with inspiration from the television show Dragons Den.

Open for all students across Lund University

Today all students from Lund University have the opportunity to take part in the competition Dragons at the University where you pitch your business idea for a jury of business angels.

You will have the opportunity to develop your potential business idea and practice presenting it, while meeting other entrepreneurial students and business angels. Since the start, more than 60 students have participated in the competition.

Pitch and meet real investors and business angels

The competition ends with a grand finale with a jury of business angels, who evaluates and awards presentations and entrepreneurial ideas to a large audience.

(One of the previous year's inspirational speakers: Marianne Larsson from Teknopol)

(One of the previous year's inspirational speakers: Marianne Larsson from Teknopol AB).

The Process 2019

  • 27 February Introduction about the Dragon process, pitching workshop and the NABC method.
  • 12 March, Semi-final för Master's students in Entrepreneurship and Innovation + Open semi-final
  • 21 March, Final with the 6 top teams at Magle Konserthus.

At the final the jury is looking at the trustworthiness, the potential of the project and rhetorical qualities of the pitch and will have a small sum of money to spend on their favourites after each presentation. An overall winner and the best presentation are selected to get prizes. For the Audience prize, we welcome you to join and to vote for your favourite team.


See the movie clips below from Dragons at the University 2019 and 2015!


The Dragons at the University finals was held at Magle Konserthus March 21st 2019.

• Flow 
• Boxed Fruits
• Nobii
• Skandi Drinks 
• Herosight 
• Pospaucity

The teams got five minutes each to present their business idea and then they got to answer questions from the Dragons and the audience.

Cash prizes were awarded to:
- Overall Winning Team
- Best Presentation
- Audience favourite



- Realistic
- Cost control/Business model
- Dedication and commitment

- Profit potential of the idea
- Sustainability potential of the idea
- Potential of the team

- Rehearsed pitch (good flow and voice)
- Creative pitch
- Timing (good use of the five minutes - appropriate on introduction, main argument and conclusion)

The workshop will use the NABC-model and NABC-tool to help you improve your presentation.