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As researchers today, we face greater expectations than ever that our research should contribute to the benefit of society.

There are, of course, a number of different ways in which we can disseminate our research. Some researchers may see the potential in starting a company of their own based on a product or service derived from their research. Others may want to license their research to an established company, or start a consultancy firm based on the knowledge gained from research. Some may even find an opportunity to launch a social project that will create valuable benefits for society.

Traditionally, to develop and commercialize ideas has not been an obvious career path for researchers. However, over the last couple of years we have seen an increased interest among researchers to understand and engage in entrepreneurial thinking and acting. Due to the increase in demand, Lund University now offers a course on how to commercialize your research to all PhD candidates at the University. The course will run during the autumn semester in 2019.

Aim of course

The course aims at giving the participants an introduction to entrepreneurship, innovation and commercialization of research. Participants learn and develop their research towards commercialization through lectures and by working in practice with different kinds of tools. The course is focused on the entrepreneurial process, and will cover topics such as opportunity recognition, business modelling, market analysis, intellectual property rights, financing, and growth. It is an excellent opportunity for a PhD candidate to evaluate any considerations of entrepreneurship as a future career path, but also a very useful foundation when planning to venture into a business of your own. 


The course will commence in autumn 2019, the course includes five full day seminars. During the course you will work on the commercialization of your own research project.

Full schedule, literature list and course description

Course material

Some of the material from the seminars will be published on our website. You will be able to find the material in the list below. Dates below are preliminary.

Customer needs
8 October, 2019

Business models
15 October, 2019

5 November, 2019

26 November, 2019

Project presentations
17 December 2019


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