Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship

Lund University School of Economics and Management

RENT Conference 2017


In November 2017 we would like to welcome all of you to attend the RENT Conference and the lovely university city of Lund.


As usual at the RENT Conference, submissions of any aspects of entrepreneurship and small businesses are welcome. However, the theme of the conference this year will be “Relevance in Entrepreneurship Research”. Traditionally, entrepreneurship and small business research has been regarded as a practical and relevant field, and offering knowledge to be used to solve various societal problems including job creation, the funding of new companies and industries, as well as regional development. As the field is becoming more and more institutionalised, the academic rigour in research has been emphasised at the expense of relevance, triggering an intense frustration among many entrepreneurship and small business scholars concerning the gap between relevance and rigor in our research – an issue that will be discussed when we meet at the RENT Conference in Lund 2017.

Lund Univeristy is celebrating it´s 350th anniversary 19 December 2016- 28 January 2018. During the jubilee year, we are proud to present a programme of events within the University’s regular activities as well as special jubilee productions. The celebrations involve festivities as well as showcasing the University’s breadth and academic expertise. More information an be found here

More information can be found on the EISAM website.


Time: 15 November 2017

Venue: Lokal meddelas senare